Beam Up to Dragon Year Brunch 

Chinese new year

UFO Roof Top Bar and Dining Presents: Beam Up to Dragon Year Brunch 

Join us for an Exquisite Culinary Journey!

Date: Saturday, 10th February  

Time: 11.00 AM – 3.00 PM  

Savor the Flavors of Our Special Chinese New Year Menu:

  • Space Sea Harvest Ramen (330 THB, Vegan): a symphony of flavors in our fulfilling curry ramen. Delight in soft, thick noodles immersed in a rich Japanese-style curry, brimming with colorful assorted vegetable
  • Dragon Cabbage Delight (200 THB, Vegan):
    Grilled Red cabbage Skewers | Spiced Chimichurri dressing | Walnuts 

A cosmic dance of flavors with roasted, marinated red cabbage infused with Italian herbs and glazed in our house-made chimichurri, sparkled with candied walnuts.

Red Packet Corn
  • Red Packet Corn (180 THB, Vegetarian):
    Sweet Corn Skewers | Mala Spice | Parmesan | Spring Onion

Corn skewers packed with punchy Mala flavors, finished with parmesan, perfect for accompanying any drink to soothe your palate

MysticMala Medley
  • Mystic Mala Medley (200 THB, Vegan)
    : Stir Fry Long Bean | Lotus Root | Mala Spice

A vibrant fusion of string beans and lotus root stir-fried to perfection with the fiery zest of Mala spice. Unstoppable snacks perfect for both sharing and guilt-free indulging alone

Good Fortune Eggplant
  • Good Fortune Eggplant Dip (250 THB, Vegan):
    Grilled Eggplant Dip | Pomegranate | Cripsy Potato Waffle 

Luscious grilled eggplant dip, topped with crispy garlic and fresh pomegranate, accompanied by crackly potato waffles

Good Luck Duck
  • Good Luck Duck Noodles (300 THB, Vegan):
    Vegan Duck | Vegan Egg Noodles | Thai Spicy Sauce | Chinese Kale

Eggless yellow noodles with braised plant-based duck, soaring in flavor with crispy garlic and Thai spicy sauce, for a celestial taste experience.

Mapo Tofu
  • Mapo Tofu Celebration (220 THB, Vegan): Mapo Tofu | Sichuan peppercorn | Vegan Yellow Noodles | Crispy Gyoza 

Mala-spiced Vegan Mapo Tofu paired with crispy dumplings and egg-free yellow noodles, full of textures and flavors perfect for diving into the Dragon Year with

Spice Caulilower
  • Spice Cauliflower Bliss (350 THB, Vegan):
    Chickpea Hummus | Roasted Spiced Cauliflower | Herb chili Oil | Tortilla Chips

Creamy hummus paired with perfectly roasted cauliflower, enhanced by vibrant chili herbal oil. A blend of flavors and textures symbolizes prosperity and unity for the new year.

Fortune's Harmony Toast
  • Fortune’s Harmony Toast (320 THB, Vegetarian):
    Grilled Halloumi | Honey Herb Oil | Avocado | Roasted Gooseberry | Sourdough Bread

A delightful fusion of East meets West. Savor the rich, marinated halloumi layered atop creamy avocado toast, symbolizing abundance and good fortune for the year ahead.

Indulge in Our Free Flow Drink Packages (2 Hours Duration):

– Non-alcoholic Beverages: 500 THB

– Beer, House Wine, + Non-Alcoholic Options: 1199 THB

– Beer, House Wine, Sparkling, Cocktail + Non-Alcoholic Drinks: 1599 THB

– Beer, House Wine, Sparkling, Cocktail, Champagne + Non-Alcoholic Drinks: 2599 THB

Special Highlights:

  • Chinese New Year Craft Cocktails: Two unique creations to celebrate the occasion.
  • Groove Away with DJ Jules Blons from 12 – 3 pm 

Booking & Reservations: Secure your spot at [] ( We recommend booking in advance as seats are limited.

Cancellation Policy: Our no-cancellation policy ensures every reservation is a commitment to an awesome experience.


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