International Women’s Day Weekend at UFO Bangkok

Celebrate International Women’s Day with Chef Googoo’s Burmese Inspired Dinner & Brunch, with the backdrop of art and music from all female curators. 

Join UFO Bangkok for a culinary journey on the roof with Guest Chef Googoo, as we celebrate International Women’s Day with her favorite Burmese-inspired personal recipes. Dive into the rich flavors and diverse ethnic dishes of Myanmar, all crafted with love, compassion, and the finest ingredients, a remarkable journey and passion for food that transcends borders. 

*Dinner Event: March 8, 7 PM – 10 PM*

Immerse yourself in an evening of flavorful Burmese cuisine. Book online to secure your spot at this exclusive dinner and receive a complimentary drink of your choice (beer, wine, or cocktail) upon arrival. Experience the magic of traditional and modern Burmese dishes. 


Sadia 6 – 9 

Fernisa 9 – midnight



*Brunch Event: March 10, 11:30 AM – 3 PM**

Continue the daytime celebration with a brunch that showcases the vibrant and exciting world of Burmese cuisine. Spend THB 1,500/bill to receive a bottle of sparkling wine on the house.

 What aperfect way to spend your weekend, indulging in beautifully crafted dishes that tell a story of heritage and passion.

LIVE performance by Jazzy Coco

Reserve a table now and join us in honoring the remarkable journey of Chef Googoo, from a passionate home-cook to an internationally recognized culinary talent. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the tastes of Myanmar and celebrate International Women’s Day in style.

More about Chef Googoo:

Meet Chef Goo Goo, a Burmese culinary queen with a heartfelt passion for the traditional and modern flavors of Myanmar. Born into a food-loving Eurasian family, Goo Goo’s culinary journey began in the kitchen alongside her grandmother, where she mastered the art of cooking with intuition and heart. Her rich heritage and unique approach to cuisine have taken her from London to Bangkok, spreading the love for Burmese dishes far and wide.

Before the pandemic and political shifts in Myanmar, Goo Goo thrived as a P.R. Consultant, elevating local restaurants with innovative recipes and presentation ideas. Her philosophy, deeply influenced by her grandmother, is that compassion and intention are the essence of great cooking—a belief that shines through in every dish she creates.

As a micro-influencer and Myanmar Experiences Curator, Goo Goo has captivated a global audience with her storytelling and culinary expertise, notably contributing to the Best Ever Food Review Show on YouTube. Her ambition is clear: to introduce the world to the rich, underexplored flavors of Burmese cuisine.